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[Do you know the design of metal nameplate]
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Metal nameplates refer to metal nameplates that are made of copper, aluminum, zinc, stainless steel and other non-ferrous metal plates by different production processes and are made with instructions for use, trademark identifiers, switching instructions, equipment nameplates, advertising decoration of process products and other metal nameplates with body surface properties. Do you know how many ways the nameplate can be customized?

There are several ways to customize the design of the metal nameplate:

Flat plate: The use of photosensitive plate, the different colors into the film, so that it is displayed on the metal plate through the development method, so as to achieve the purpose of illustrating significance.

Silk screen nameplate: The use of resin ink, screen printing on the board after the preliminary treatment, and then the process of light preservation, film coating can be made of a variety of exquisite color silk screen nameplate.

Corroded nameplates: Corroded nameplates are etched nameplates. Mainly using mask, etching after processing three steps made of convex or concave name plate.

Electroplating and electroforming plate: also known as the pile of gold nameplate, it is the use of screen printing or photographic system

Sandblasting nameplate: with the method of computer engraving, the engraved instant stickers will be glued to the metal plate, the text graphics will be sandblasted to form a sand surface effect, and then oxidized, so as to show the effect of gold on the metal plate.

Heat transfer nameplate: It is a special panel generated by the metal plate using the surface treatment process, and then the color picture you design is hit on the transfer paper by the way of inkjet printing, and the nameplate is made by heating and reversing to the metal plate.

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