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[Shoe buckle accessories have what buttons classification]
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Shoe buckle accessories - classification of buttons:

1, according to the size of the button (that is, the diameter of the size), that is, we often say 14#, 16#, 18#, 20#, 60# and so on! Its marking formula is: diameter = model *0.635(mm). If we have a button in our hand, but do not know its model size, we can use a caliper to measure its diameter (mm) and divide by 0.635.

2, according to the material:

Natural category: real shell buckle, coconut buckle, wood buckle

Chemical: organic buckle, resin buckle, plastic buckle, combination buckle, urea buckle, spray paint buckle, electroplating buckle and so on

Others: Chinese knot, four-fold buckle, metal buckle, horn buckle, imitation leather buckle, laser letter buckle, vibrating buckle, etc

3. In the resin buckle, it can be divided from the blank:

Rod buckle: pearl buckle, pattern buckle, ordinary rod and so on

Plate buckle: pearlescent corrugated plate (including false corrugated, true corrugated), pearlescent plate, striped plate, monochrome plate

Manhattan: Multicolored button, monochrome button

4, from the hole:

Dark eye button: generally on the back of the button, through the button radial perforation.

Open eye button: directly through the front and back of the button, generally with four eyes and two eyes (but there are special cases)

5, from the light: light button, semi-light button, no button (in special cases and according to customer requirements of polishing)

6, there are tens of millions of kinds of modeling, no one has a unified name, your home said the same, my home said the same, there is no national standard or industry standards, international standards.

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