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[The "national hot tide" opens up new space for promoting consumption]
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At the Central Economic Work Conference held at the end of last year, domestic "fashionable goods" have become an important starting point for actively cultivating new consumption growth points. "National tide" elements into dishes, drinks to become a "new favorite", traditional culture into casual snacks to win the crowd "planting grass"... The "national tidal wave" is opening up new growth space for promoting consumption.

And that shows up in the data. Meituan and Dianping data show that since the beginning of this year, the number of "national tide" catering merchants on the platform has increased by nearly 500%, the number of group purchase orders has increased by 550%, and the search volume of "national tide snacks" has increased by nearly 250%.

Why is the "national tide" element sought after? Qiu Chenyang, a researcher at Puhua Research Institute, said that with the awakening of Chinese people's cultural confidence, "national tide" has become a new fashion trend and a new mode of cultural vitality inheritance. The popularity of "national tide" consumption reflects the Chinese people's cultural confidence and recognition of traditional culture, and the integration of catering and food fields with "national tide" is also in line with the development trend of innovation, difference and health.

"Now young people's consumption concept has been upgraded to emphasize the scene, the atmosphere and the culture." "Post-95" consumer Wang Jia often wears a horse skirt with her girlfriends to punch all kinds of "national tide" stores.

Wang Peng, an associate researcher at the Beijing Academy of Social Sciences, said that the market prospect of "Guocao" consumption is broad and has great potential for development.

In order to further tap the consumption potential of "national tide", Wang Peng suggested that enterprises conduct in-depth research on traditional Chinese culture, find cultural elements that fit with their own brands, and integrate them into products to create "national tide" products with real cultural connotations. At the same time, we pay attention to creativity and personalization in product design, store decoration, marketing activities, etc., in order to attract consumers and enhance the brand image. In addition, enterprises should clarify the target customer groups, in-depth understanding of their needs and preferences, through accurate market positioning and personalized marketing strategies, to better meet the needs of target customers and enhance brand loyalty.

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