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[Stimulate the development power and potential of the luggage leather goods industry]
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On April 14, Zou Xingwang, the standing Committee of Huaihua Municipal Committee and vice mayor, held a cooperation matchmaking meeting of the city's luggage and leather goods enterprises.

At the meeting, Huaihua City Industry and information Bureau introduced the development of the city's bags and leather goods, Huitong County, Huaihua International dry port economic development zone introduced the development of the bags and leather goods industry chain, enjoy with industry, Tujia bags and other enterprises made an exchange speech. The cooperation and docking established a mechanism for the mutual supply and docking of products between the luggage enterprises participating in the Huaihua International Dry Port Economic development area and the luggage enterprises in the base, forming a benign complementarity between supply and demand of the luggage industry in the city.

Zou Xingwang stressed that quality service is the key. To serve the needs of enterprises, coordinate and efficiently solve difficult problems of enterprises; Highlight the guarantee of factors, consider the project land needs of private enterprises in planning, and increase the guidance of private enterprises to enter the district and park; Accelerate the implementation of favorable enterprise policies and accurately escort the development of enterprises. We must grasp the key of precise investment. Fully promote the work of the special class "point-to-point" door-to-door investment, chain main enterprise chain investment, investment ambassador to business investment, industry association circle of friends investment. It is necessary to strive for policies, expand development space outwards, strive to build a regional collaborative innovation system, and constantly stimulate the power and potential of high-quality development of the leather luggage industry.

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