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[New Chinese style button with fire]
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A crystal clear ball disc bead buckle, revealing a pearl-like luster, shining in the sun. 20, vader in qiaotou town, yongjia county, wenzhou, industry and trade co., LTD., the system of withholding workshop workers to operate the machine, skilled in pan pearl clasp processing, punching, polishing, etc.

Since this year, qiao tou button production hot style of the textual buttons "was flowing into the country, sewing in hanfu suit, {sung} brocade coat, qipao, tang suit and other clothing.

High bridge button association executive vice President of qian told reporters, 1 to 2 months, the bridge buttons enterprises only dish bead buckle orders to the nearest 300 million, and 2021 to 2023, the annual always fine dish bead buckle orders is about 100 million.

Qiaotou is known as the "button capital of China". Resin button products, including disc buttons, account for 80% of the national market share. This spring, buckle plate bead is often sold out of stock, even a fastener is hard to find.

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