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[Extensive and profound exhibition features]
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The General Office of the State Council recently issued Several Measures to accelerate the integrated development of domestic and foreign trade, which clarified the role of platform exchanges and docking to promote the integration of domestic and international markets. In the spring of Yangchun March, the current home Fair Guangzhou is committed to integrating the exhibition into the overall situation of national development and industrial development, relying on the development strategy of the country and the industry, with the characteristics of "Bo", "big", "fine" and "deep" exhibition, the trend has become a new engine to promote the high-quality development of the home industry.

Bo is a complete category, promote the development of new quality productivity. The new quality productivity is characterized by innovation, the key is high quality, and the essence is advanced productivity. China Home Fair (Guangzhou) has always implemented the design concept of the whole exhibition, presenting many design highlights, including the China Home Fair · Contemporary Design Exhibition of civil furniture exhibition, the design trend pavilion of office and commercial exhibition, and the design "source" pavilion of equipment ingredients exhibition, providing a platform for the home industry to display innovative products and technologies. Among them, focusing on the three key directions of green, intelligent and suitable for the elderly, it has gathered a large number of advanced productive forces, and cultivated and distributed strategic emerging industries and future industries. The big is to expand and upgrade, and promote the coordinated development of the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry. This year's Home Fair fully opened the newly completed Canton Fair exhibition Hall D area, the exhibition scale of 850,000 square meters, is a mass flow of people, logistics, capital flow, information flow and other elements of the place. The exhibition gives full play to the whole industrial chain and all-channel resource integration capabilities, and better promotes the smooth flow and efficient circulation of resources between subject matter, exhibition area and exhibition area by optimizing layout, adjusting structure and improving quality; We will further promote each other, integrate with each other, and extend across borders, accelerate the application of upstream innovation achievements and advanced technologies to downstream industries, and help smooth the industrial chain and supply chain.

Precision is a special champion, promoting the specialized and special new development of various subcategories. China Home Expo (Guangzhou) civil furniture exhibition, office commercial exhibition, equipment ingredients exhibition three brand exhibition implementation of precision, professional operation, bringing together leading enterprises and specialized new enterprises at home and abroad on the same stage, on the one hand to play the leading enterprise traction role radiation to the whole industry chain, on the other hand through the display of new products, new materials, new technology, Stimulate innovation and creativity in the industry. This exhibition also held a design award, 15 theme exhibitions, and hundreds of professional forums, so that professionals in different fields can gather together to share the latest technology, design and market trends, and cultivate "specialized and new" growth fertile soil. Deep linkage and mutual promotion, promote the integration of domestic and foreign trade development. The General Office of the State Council recently issued a number of measures to accelerate the integration of domestic and foreign trade, which put forward 18 work measures in 5 aspects, which clarified the role of platform communication and docking to promote the integration of domestic and international markets. China Home Fair (Guangzhou) has a strong market advantage, is the world's only design channels and trade channels, domestic sales channels and foreign trade channels, traditional channels and emerging channels full coverage of the exhibition. China Home Expo (Guangzhou) has a strong industrial advantage, is the world's only with the whole industry chain, the whole theme as the distinctive characteristics of everyone's home expo. It can be said that China Home Expo (Guangzhou) is an important fulcrum to promote the integration of domestic and foreign trade in the home industry. We will give full play to the unique advantages of two markets, two resources and the whole industry chain, paving the way for industry enterprises to build Bridges and better integrate into the domestic and international double cycle.

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