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[Dry goods sharing - Qipao tray buckle]
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What is a disc buckle

Disc buckle, as the most common button of the Qipao, has become a part of the characteristics of the Qipao, which has both functional and decorative functions. A disc buckle is also called a pin, or a knot or a pin trip. A button used in traditional clothing to secure a skirt or decoration. Let's learn more about the buckle.

It is believed that the disc buckle appeared in the late Ming Dynasty. In ancient China, there were no buttonhole buttons similar to modern ones, and cloth straps were often used to bind and fix clothes. The disc buckle was originally used only for women's regular wear. After it was introduced into Manchu, it was widely used in various kinds of clothing.

The disc buckle is mostly woven with loop, lined with copper wire and other metal wire for easy setting; Because of the softness of the cloth and the plastic shape of the copper wire, the clever craftsmen constantly exert their artistic imagination and hands-on ability.

The disc buckle has experienced hundreds of years of development, up to now there are very many patterns; But in fact, our qipao on the market, I believe that women who often buy to wear Qipao friends will find that most of them are basic one-word buckle. Intricate buckles are rare.

What kinds of buckles are there?

 There are also geometric figures, such as word buckle, waveform buckle, triangle buckle and so on. The flower splits on two sides, symmetrical and asymmetrical. In the evolution of Chinese clothing, the function of the pan flower button has changed gradually. It is not only the function of connecting the skirt, but also known as the focal point of decorative clothing. It vividly shows the decorative interest of Chinese clothing which is heavy implication, heavy connotation and heavy theme.

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