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[Embellish fashion with buttons]
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With the progress of The Times, buttons have become more and more a fashion element. If color is the soul of a garment and tailoring is the body of a garment, then buttons can obviously play the role of finishing point in the garment.

Although buttons play an important role in clothing decoration, different types of buttons can be embellished with different styles and forms.

1. Metal buttons

Metal buttons are one of the most common styles in our ordinary clothes. Metal buttons relative to other styles, texture is more hard, in the color is also more prominent. Many designers give metal buttons more of a retro element.

Dress with metal buttons, can make the whole dress more three-dimensional. No matter BE IN INSTALLATION FORM, BUCKLE METAL WITH symmetrical form, STILL install according TO the radian of clipping, can let a person shine at the moment.

2, disc button

The plate button first appeared on the Tang costume of China. As a traditional folk art, it has been used by people all the time. The rock button is very sophisticated in design. It is stitched with a variety of threads, but the subtlety shows ingenuity.

Disc buttons are mostly used in ethnic clothing. For example, cheongsam or Chinese clothing, in the skirt and sleeve collocation of plate buttons, always can play a very good decorative role, rather than wear a piece of clothing, it is better to wear a work of art.

3. Horn buckle

When this button was first invented by people, it was made of cow horn. But later, as raw materials became limited, cow horn was replaced as a chemically combined material. The most common horn buckles are brown or dark green in color, and are generally similar in texture.

In some uniforms of the College of Europe, horn buckles are often chosen for decoration. The most common thing we have is a horn coat. The horn button can bring a lively atmosphere to the clothes, and the sense of symmetry makes the clothes appear more neat.

4. Wooden buttons

Wood buttons use pure natural elements, both texture and color, are the most original color color as the standard, give a person full of comfort. Wooden button uses the result of four eyes mostly, so also quite exquisite on sewing.

In such a fast-paced society, many people are pursuing their inner zen. Slowly, wooden buttons are also favored by many people and are used by designers in some linen clothes. Linen is also used as a natural material, and the combination of the two gives a feeling of elegance and comfort.

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