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[Turns out buttons work like this]
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The use of buttons and buttonholes in clothing is an important design point in clothing design, which has a direct effect on clothing, play a decorative role in beautifying clothing, and then beautify the purpose of the role of people. And these mainly come from how the buttons are skillfully applied in clothing, the application of buttons is an important part of clothing. When a dress style is very common, we should use another form to make the dress bright and new. Buttons in life have such wonderful uses.

The application of combined material buttons in clothing

Composite material button, which refers to the combination of two or more different materials through the way. Because of its rich materials, most of them are handmade, and the personality is obvious."

With the development of fashion, people's requirements for fashion are getting higher and higher, and the pursuit of personality is becoming more and more obvious. Combination material buttons conform to such a development trend and cater to the pursuit of personality requirements of the fashion industry. This kind of button is more suitable for use in some personalized clothing. Because it is rich in materials, some people who pursue individuality can try to make decorations on the waist or back pocket in the way of superposition on a piece of super short pants. This effect is that people will move their eyes to the part you decorate. If you are a person with a good figure, wearing such clothes will reflect the beauty of clothing. You can also use such buttons to decorate clothes with solid colors, such as the front or collar, which will add a lot of color to the clothes.

The application of metal buttons in clothing

Copper TARpaulin buckle in recent years, as the clothing market is increasingly fashionable, people are also increasingly converging to the button requirements, metal buttons are more and more favored by consumers. Indeed, metal buttons add a new glamour to modern clothing. France has a designer, photographer, and ballerina artist Thierry. Michelet, his style in the design of fashion is in the clothing appropriately matched with charming metal ornaments, chains, buttons and so on, thus has a sense of architectural, sculptural volume and dramatic charm, so it is known as the fashion avant-garde, pioneer, futurist figure. Other designers also like to use metal buttons as decoration because they are so popular that they are used in a wide range of styles, from coats to trousers, from real to pure decoration. The metal buttons with dull color and old effect have a feeling of retro nostalgia. In the case of regular arrangement, there is a feeling of heavy metal. It can be used in double-breasted coats and cuffs, etc. European-style patterns and patterns are decorated with relief effect on buttons, embellished with simple details, which makes people fascinated by the pursuit of simplicity. For example, some such as military uniforms and horse riding clothes are suitable to be decorated with metal buttons, showing the beauty of masculinity.

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