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[It is important to purchase good buttons ]
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Button Jewelry Test Method and Requirements and Standards:

1. Control samples or confirm samples. Look at the color, whether the model is consistent with the sample;

2, the surface of the butter jewelry should not have cracks, gaps, irregularities and obvious scratches;

3, there is no car crack, bubble; no rotten edge, thickness and thin phenomenon;

4, the pattern should have no obvious deformation, no white eyes, white circles and other phenomena;

5, should be smooth smooth buttonhole; all eye wear and cracking, to symmetrical and no big eyes. If it is a dark eye buckle, the dark eye slot should be smooth, no obvious burst.

6, after electroplating or other process treated, the effect should be equal. If some special effects cannot be consistent, it can be packaged separately.

7. The color difference of the same batch button should not be less than the GB250 four standard, compared to the sample, should not be less than the GB250 three-level standard.

8, packaging test, after the appearance inspection / customer requirements, the performance test is complete, and then install. Additional license or other labels should be placed when packaging. The number of packages should be consistent with the specified, and the actual quantity per bag is consistent with the specified quantity, and it is found that the full test is detected due to a thickness of the thickness or other reasons.

9, emergency / car Buy / five-claw button buckle to try to test the performance and availability of test buttons and provide samples and trial samples to customers.

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