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[What is the status of hardware name?]
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In our lives, you will often come into contact with hardware, everyone knows it very well. To understand its application performance, know the detailed operation method, prevent problems in the process of use. According to the information you have learned by Xiaobian, the hardware named card has a very important location.

The hardware name is mainly used for the decorative webbing interrupted in the casual center of casual clothing. Generally, there is a brand of English perhaps logo, mainly in repairing effect, sometimes used in pockets or inner pockets, mobile phone bags, also useful for sleeves Above perhaps the backside center is over.

Slimming rope and hardware nameplate combination is a set, more costumes, dress, children's wear, suit, trousers, and 克, etc., and hardware, the hardware is high. And product logo, washing and other functions, in a high-level costume, planning novel, the topic's hardware nameplate can both combine the decoration effect, but also play a wonderful use of the snake in the clothing.

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