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[The introduction of Yu Ming hardware nameplate is coming!]
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1, sign

The signage is the invasion of the old official hall. From the texture, the production material of the sign is mostly paper, and there is also a plastic, metal; in addition, there is a new tag made of holographic anti-counterfeiting materials. From its shape, the form is diverse, with a long strip, pair of folded, circular, triangular, jugged, and other special modeling, colorful, dazzling.

2, the meaning of the signage

Although the clothing tag is small, it is a tie of the fashion itself. It is an inevitable product of modern fashion culture, which has a positive role in improving and protecting clothing companies. Therefore, if the sign is metaphor for the fashion brand, it is just right. However, it is regrettable that there is a considerable part of the garment enterprise, and it is still insufficiently known for this, and even some fashion brands in China. It is found to be registered so far, which gives speculators machine. Once such products are fake, the law will not be protected.

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