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[Some situations and solutions encountered in the use of zipper]
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Zipper maintenance, such as some situations and solutions that will be encountered during the use of zipper

1. If the middle tooth of the zipper falls, you can use needle-nose pliers or tweezers to take a few teeth at the tail of the zipper and place it in the middle of the tooth drop;

2. Sometimes the zipper can't be opened or can't be pulled in the middle, it is possible that the teeth of the zipper are crooked, or fell, or it may be a bag, the interior of the clothing zipper is caught when the zipper is pulled, If the teeth of the zipper are crooked, use needle-nose pliers to clamp it. If it is clothing, the interior of the luggage is clamped, the zipper will be pulled, and the interior will be straightened without being clamped.

3. If the zipper does not pull smoothly, it may be that the teeth of the zipper are rusted or loose. You can use paraffin to polish the zipper teeth and keep them lubricated.

4. If the slider is pulled to the end when the zipper is pulled, but the zipper is not closed, because the slider is pulled for too long, the caliber becomes larger, you can use the needle nose pliers to clip the tail of the zipper head, don't use too much force , If you pull too hard, it may be damaged by pulling the head;

5. If the slider is broken, you can only change the slider. If the slider is not damaged and cannot be pulled in the front, you can use pliers to pull the two teeth in front of the slider and pull the zipper. After returning, put the zipper tooth clip removed from the post to the original position;

6. The zipper slider should be kept wet when it is stored normally. If it is not used for a period of time, you can put paraffin on the metal teeth or rubber teeth of the zipper. When you want to use it, bake it with a slight fire. It is very smooth to use. The use of zipper Lifespan has also increased;

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