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[Mountaineering buckle for "fancy" use]
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Mountaineering deducts the use of it when mountaineering, it - mountaineering buckle can also be used?

Secure the dog leash

People who have dogs must often take their dogs out for a walk, and will often encounter the need to tie the dog up, but if the rope is tied, it is more troublesome to untie, but if the end of the rope is added to a mountaineering buckle, it will become much simpler.

Extended key chain

Putting the key in the pocket will sometimes feel very unsafe, afraid of losing, but if the key is attached to the mountaineering buckle one end is tied to the waist, the other end of the key can be put in the pocket, so that it is safe and not afraid of losing.

Flashlight ring

The mountaineering buckle on the flashlight can be hung outside the bag to use it is much more convenient, this method can be used in the usual and difficult to find things.

Arrange rubber bands

Sometimes one or two rubber bands will not feel very messy, but if it is a pile of rubber bands, it will appear chaotic, then if there is a mountaineering buckle, you can string all the rubber bands together, it will become neat and convenient to use.

Water bottle ring

You usually need to carry a water bottle when you go out in the summer, which can be inconvenient if you have to hold it in your hand all the time, but if you have a hiking buckle, you can hang the bottle and carry it more easily.

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