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[Textile is listed as the key area of the "leader" of the implementation of enterprise standards in 2024]
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The State Administration for Market Regulation recently released the announcement of the "Leader" key areas for the implementation of enterprise Standards in 2024, a total of 146 areas were included in the key areas of the "leader" for the implementation of enterprise standards in 2024, including the textile field in the "textile industry"; Textile and garment industry in the field of textile and garment; Synthetic fibers and bio-based materials in the field of "chemical fiber manufacturing".

The announcement is based on the "Opinions of the eight departments of the General Administration of Market Regulation on the implementation of the" leader "system of enterprise standards", the General Administration of Market Regulation, together with the relevant departments of The State Council, thoroughly implement the new development concept, in order to promote consumption, expand domestic demand, lead green consumption, promote the development of new quality productivity, etc., and focus on the high-quality development of the industry, green and low-carbon transformation. Overall consideration of the focus areas of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) standards strategy, the disclosure of corporate standards self-declaration, consumer concerns, and standards to improve the quality of products and services proposed.

It is understood that the enterprise standard "leader" system is an encouraging policy to increase the effective supply of high-end products and services and support high-quality development through high-level standards, which plays an important role in deepening the reform of standardization work, promoting the transformation of old and new economic momentum, supply-side structural reform and cultivating a number of leading enterprises with innovative ability.

Enterprise standards "leader" refers to the core indicators of product or service standards at the leading level of enterprises. Enterprise standard "leader" based on the self-declaration of enterprise product and service standards, by playing the leading role of the market, mobilizing standardization technology institutions, industry associations, industry alliances, platform enterprises and other third-party assessment institutions (hereinafter referred to as assessment institutions) to carry out enterprise standard level assessment, release enterprise standard rankings, and determine the standard leader. Establish a dynamic adjustment mechanism with multi-party participation, continuous upgrading and closed-loop feedback.

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