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[Jingning's first intangible heritage project was approved by Zhejiang Manufacturing standards]
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Recently, the Zhejiang Provincial Market Supervision Administration announced the first batch of "Zhejiang Made" standard cultivation plan in 2024, and the "She Embroidery" led by the Jingning County Embroidery Association was successfully selected, which is also the first non-genetic field project in Jingning County to obtain the "Zhejiang Made" standard project cultivation.

Embroidery of She nationality is one of the excellent traditional crafts of She nationality, which developed from the ancient embroidered incense bag and later developed into embroidered curtain, pillow, waist, garment, cuff, skirt, shoe upper and other life clothing items. In 2011, She nationality clothing (embroidery) was selected into the intangible Cultural Heritage list of Zhejiang Province. With the promotion of the strategy of rural revitalization and common prosperity, She embroidery is also applied to many products such as national style home textiles, clothing, clothing products, craft tourism souvenirs, and has become a characteristic symbol of She ethnic culture and cultural and creative products.

The standard set up ten categories of technical regulations and more than 20 indicators, a total of Zhejiang light industrial quality inspection Institute, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology and other teams to provide technical support, to be completed in November 2024 for approval, will further standardize She embroidery technology standards, She embroidery inheritance and development, improve product competitiveness and industrial standardization level.

In recent years, Jingning has firmly seized the "National Standardization Development Outline" policy "Dongfeng", taken the "Made in Zhejiang" standard as the starting point, established the "one library, one single tracking" cultivation mechanism, systematically planned to promote the cultivation and formulation of "Made in Zhejiang" standards, and helped Jingning's high-quality economic development. Up to now, it has led or participated in the formulation of 5 "Made in Zhejiang" standards. In the next step, Jingning will adhere to policy guidance, broaden the breadth of publicity, excavate the depth of cultivation, provide accurate service to the standard, focus on quality, standards and brand upgrading, and vigorously promote the cultivation and construction of "Made in Zhejiang" brand.

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