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[Dear, do you care for oxidized hardware accessories?]
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Dear, do you care for oxidized hardware accessories? While we're here, we might as well have a look.

Why do hardware accessories oxidize

1. Hardware is prone to oxidation in contact with air for a long time

2. Wear and fade of daily use

3. Daily contact with cosmetics, perfumes and other chemicals

Small methods of daily maintenance of hardware accessories:

1. If the hardware is oxidized or rusty, be sure to deal with it in time to avoid the bag being stained with oxide or rust.

If the hardware appears slightly oxidized, you can try metal wiping cloth, small stains, oxidation traces can be disposed of, jewelry wipe silver cloth can also be.

2, the bag in daily use, but also often use dry and soft cloth to wipe the hardware part.

3, hardware dirty, should be cleaned in time, can prepare a basin of water, add an appropriate amount of neutral detergent in the water, with a toothbrush or cloth dipped in the solution carefully wipe, pay attention to cleaning time must be as short as possible, after cleaning in a cool dry place natural air dry.

4, when the bag is not used for a long time, it should be a comprehensive maintenance of the bag, for the hardware part, in order to avoid oxidation or rust, the hardware part of the bag should be wrapped with paper, and finally the bag should be stored in a cool and dry place.

5, or a new package, if you are afraid of scratching the hardware, you can consider keeping the original hardware protection film does not remove, which can play a certain protective role in the friction and wear of the hardware, or buy the related hardware protection film and protection tools online.

6, gold-plated repair. If the hardware fades and is damaged

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