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[Kingming hardware specializes in the production of luggage dog buckle products]
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Bag dog buckle is an indispensable key element of modern bag design, the design of bag dog buckle should not only meet the practical needs, but also pay attention to the sense of fashion. In order to meet the diversified needs of consumers, Kingming Hardware has launched a variety of styles of luggage dog buckle, so that consumers have more choices.

Dongguan Kingming Hardware Plastic Technology co.,Ltd. is a professional Modernized hardware manufacturer, supply all kinds of metal accessories for shoes ,bags, garments & pet metal accessories . it was established 2000, located in Dong Guan City,Guang Dong province ,China, and we have branch office in India & Indonesia, has 17 years of hardware accessories export experience, over 80% product exports to Europe, united states,Middle east,South Africa.

Our main products :metal eyelet,metal buckles, metal D-ring,metal label,double holes hook,zipper puller, snap button,metal rings, metal snap hook, metal locks, metal rivet, metal chains& ornaments,mainly for casual shoes, boots, hiking shoes ,Luggage, handbags, leather products and clothing and other fields used eco-friendly material aluminium,zinc alloy,brass,iron,stainless steel material .

Dongguan Kingming Hardware Plastic Technology co.,Ltd. can professionally provide you with the customization of luggage hardware accessories , luggage hardware,luggage buckles, luggage hardware buckles, shoe buckles, and shoe buckles to meet your individual needs and make your luggage The hardware accessories are different, let your bags shine.

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