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[Duchang County held textile, clothing, footwear and hat industry chain work promotion meeting]
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On the morning of November 24, the Duchang textile, clothing, footwear and hat industry chain work promotion meeting was held in Duchang County Clothing and Footwear Association. The meeting comprehensively summarized the status quo and existing problems of Duchang textile, clothing, footwear and hat industry, clarified the next step of the industry's digital, environmental protection, standardized development route, deputy county magistrate Zhan Wenxia presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

At the meeting, the Garment and Footwear Association first introduced the status quo of the garment and footwear industry in Duchang County, and put forward specific suggestions for the high-quality development of the garment and footwear industry in Duchang County. County Unicom company to help the park enterprises to build intelligent smart factory to promote the practical operation mode; Jiujiang Hua Gan Chengfa Environmental Company has carried out standardized management and disposal publicity around the "Solid Waste Law" and the status quo of general industrial solid waste in Duchang County.

The participating units and departments of the county fully combined with the theme of the meeting, announced and carried out the help policies such as industrial digitalization, employment, tax and benefits, and put forward specific requirements for the high-quality development of enterprises, safe production, and legal operation. Among them, the urban administration requires enterprises to do a good job of sorting waste and garbage, and prohibits the use of industrial solid waste in domestic waste collection facilities; The Bureau of Ecological Environment has interpreted a series of legal provisions on the generation, collection, storage, transportation, utilization and disposal of industrial solid waste for everyone, and reminded relevant units or individuals to dispose of solid waste according to law and regulations.

Zhan Wenxia said that the clothing and footwear industry, as an important pillar industry of Duchang County, has made outstanding contributions to the development of Duchang and the employment of residents. In view of how to further improve the level of industry with high quality, Zhan Wenxia stressed that: First, we must face the problems of the industry, prepare for danger in times of safety, and transform the industry to digital and intelligent. It is urgent and imperative to enhance the core competitiveness. The second is to abide by the law and be responsible, enterprises mainly have a sense of responsibility, but also have a conscience. Especially in the standardized disposal of industrial solid waste, it is necessary to carry out in-depth communication and integration with Huagan Environment, the provincial state-owned assets platform introduced by the county government, and legally dispose of industrial solid waste; Third, we must always do a good job of safety production, effectively fulfill the main responsibility of the enterprise, and actively carry out safety standardization reform; Fourth, we must have the determination to actively seek change and increase investment in a planned way. On the basis of strengthening equipment construction and personnel construction, enhance market competitiveness and quickly become bigger and stronger; Fifth, it is necessary to further exert the efficiency of government functional departments in serving enterprises, requiring precision, accuracy and efficiency, and effectively solving practical problems for enterprises within the scope of their duties and powers in a reasonable and reasonable manner and in accordance with laws and regulations.

County Industrial park Management Committee, Industry and Information Bureau, ecological Environment Bureau, urban Management Bureau, Commercial Bureau, business office, Employment Bureau, Clothing and Footwear Association, Unicom Company, Huagan Environmental Group Jiujiang Company and more than 30 enterprise representatives attended the meeting.

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