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[Oxidized hardware accessories are handled like this]
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What if the hardware accessories on the bag are oxidized? Don't be nervous. Try it this way.

1, vinegar: If it is found that the hardware has been rusty, dip a little vinegar with a toothbrush, and then slowly wipe, you can wipe it off. Be careful not to wash the whole, just wipe the wet, otherwise it will only make the bag "more and more black".

2, alcohol: the chemical substances in alcohol can be dissolved with rust, so you can stick a little alcohol and then wash it lightly with cloth.

After the above operation, the vaseline is finally diluted into 10% slightly viscous state, which can be applied to the surface of the hardware paint, and it can be used for a while, because after the hardware surface of the Vaseline is wiped, this part can be isolated from the air, and the hardware surface of the handbag is not easily oxidized.

In daily life, the hardware accessories above the bag should be wiped regularly with a dry cloth during use. If you find that the hardware accessories of the luggage are slightly oxidized, you can try to gently wipe with flour or toothpaste.

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