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[Do you really know anything about mountaineering buttons?]
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Mountaineering buckle is one of the mountaineering equipment, its production material can be aluminum alloy, or iron, or stainless steel, the shape is different, such as aluminum alloy mountaineering buckle has a circle, runway shape, golden egg shape, square, triangle and so on. Most people will choose aluminum alloy mountaineering buckle, because of its lightweight, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, etc., all by outdoor sports enthusiasts love; Stainless steel triangular climbing buckle can be used on the sandbag rope to cope with high tensile strength, fast fast hanging items.

Mountaineering buckle is of great help to mountaineers, it can protect their safety and health, but when using mountaineering buckle, it is necessary to use the correct method to avoid bad consequences. When using the double-loop 8-figure knot method, it is not possible to connect the safety belt with only one loop buckle, mainly because the other loop may be loosened when the rope is strained. If you need to use a double loop of the figure 8 knot as a connection, it is best to hang a lock on the other loop, buckle on the rope as a secondary protection, so as not to fail the knot. If mountaineers take the most effective and correct methods, they can well protect our own personal safety and reduce some worries.

Mountaineering enthusiasts pay attention to the choice of mountaineering buckle, it is recommended to choose a regular brand, to avoid buying copycats or inferior products, so as not to bring unnecessary risks. Ensure the safety of the climbing buckle.

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