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[Kingming science | There are several types of buttons]
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Button materials are roughly divided into plastic (resin, plastic), hardware buttons (copper, iron, alloy), natural (shell, wood, coconut shell, bamboo. Buttons are made of different materials, and the process is different. Some buttons look the same, and even professionals may not be able to distinguish them clearly with their eyes, so the damage is clear when scratched.

Buttons are different from plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic buttons and resin buttons, plastic (including various plastics) buttons are generally die-cast, so there will be a line on the edge of the button, the mold line, some factories may remove the line in subsequent processing, but its weight will be lighter than the resin (of course, some special plastics will be heavy). The resin buttons are mechanically carved and polished, so the appearance does not have a full mold line and is very clean. But it is fragile, has a simple appearance, simple scratches, and softens in boiling water.

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