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[What's the highlight of your handbag?]
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What are the highlights of a girl's handbag? Of course, it is with the bag beautiful metal hardware accessories, good hardware can play a finishing touch, the real good hardware does not fade, is not easy to oxidize, belongs to the low-key luxury, the color is rich, hold in the hand texture, even if you use the bag for a long time, will be the same as the new, and most of the next are gold, especially dazzling, after a period of time will fade oxidation red.

Bags are the most important thing for a woman, from a teenage girl to a woman in her 40s, and they all have their own emotional understanding of what a bag is. Every bag has its beautiful image, every bag has its elegant posture, it is the bag hardware accessories of the handbag lock.

What are the special functions of the hardware accessories in the handbag

1, a wide range of uses.

Can be matched to bags, bags, leather goods, ornaments, individual can also be matched to shoes, clothing, a unique style bold display.

2. Collect.

3. Send a friend.

Choose a bag, pick a meaningful handbag lock, DIY to the bag, to send friends and relatives, don't have a flavor. Show people's noble gas, enhance the value and grade of the lock.

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