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[What is the role of luggage fasteners]
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Whether in military or outdoors, buckles have always played a vital role. It's embedded in all of our gear, from bags to tactical vests, to provide convenience. Success or failure lies in the details, details cast quality.

The functions and types of luggage buckles determine the adjustment ability of luggage, that is to say, luggage fasteners make the use of luggage more flexible and convenient, and the available space is larger.

The more adjustable a bag is, the more body types it can accommodate. Most outdoor bags according to the size of the capacity, small size can choose small capacity, large size can choose big capacity, but most people are still cannot find full compliance with their size according to their body size of bags, but, selected and their own size by adjusting system can adjust to the suitable size.

The double adjusting buckle has strong adjusting ability. The double adjusting buckle is a kind of buckle that can adjust the length of webbing on the backpack. The mesh buckle is also a kind of bag buckle with strong adjustment ability. Although it does not have so many functions, it is also very simple and convenient to adjust the length of the webbing through the mesh buckle. The adjustment ability of the Japanese character buckle is relatively low, but in the buckle with a Japanese character buckle with ears, you can make the adjustment function of the buckle like a tiger with wings, the Japanese character buckle can be freely adjusted the width of the left and right shoulder belt and up and down the position.

A case without buckle is not a good case. Making full use of buckle can not only effectively improve the adjustment ability of case and bag, but also ensure the safety of outdoor sports to a certain extent.

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