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[How does zinc alloy die-casting reduce lashing damage?]
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Zinc alloy has a low melting point and can be die-casted into a variety of complicated parts. The parts have a smooth surface, high density, accurate specifications, cheap production and processing costs, high manufacturing efficiency, and suitable for mass production. And here, the parts and components need to be bundled, and the way of tying zinc alloy die castings has a great hazard to the quality of the coating. So how does zinc alloy die-casting reduce the lashing damage method?

 1. The copper wire (thin iron wire) and the parts should not be too tight when strapping: too tight a strapping will prevent the deposition of coating on the strapping place, causing imprints, and even erosion of the place. It is better to be loose.

2. Pay attention to the direction: When bundling, pay attention to whether the recessed position of the parts during the electroplating process will cause air pockets, otherwise there will be no accumulation of coating.

3. Avoid the decorative design surface as much as possible: if the zinc alloy strapping part cannot be pre-plated with the pre-coating, then the surface coating can not be piled up, so try not to bundle it on the decorative design surface.

4. Try to avoid the contact surface between the copper wire (thin iron wire) and the parts: the strapping parts should be selected at the position with the water chestnut or the hole position, and the large-scale position and the ring body position should be bypassed to reduce the mark on the strapping place.

5. It is required that the length of each string is the same: the same length of each string can prevent the end parts of the too long string from being burnt.

6. Consider the appropriate interval between parts: the interval between parts and parts should be based on the total cross-section width of the parts, so that not only can overload production and manufacturing be considered, but also the symmetrical thickness of the surface layer of the cross-section can be considered. Sexual needs.

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