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[Can the hardware accessories of the bag be repaired if they are broken?]
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Can the hardware accessories of the bag be repaired if they are broken?

The hardware accessories on the bag are an indispensable important part. Since the bag is often carried by us, it will accelerate the wear of the plating layer on the hardware accessories, causing problems such as color fading and oxidation rust. Therefore, after the bag has been used for a period of time, it is normal if the metal parts are found to be worn, scratched or even missing parts.

How to maintain the hardware accessories exposed when using the bag when going out? You can always bring a piece of soft cloth to wipe the metal parts of the bag, and try to avoid scratching hard things in daily use. If the bag will not be carried in a short time, it is best to wrap the metal parts with electrostatic film to prevent dust and water. Note that it is an electrostatic film. Don't use sticky things like tape, because most tapes are corrosive and are not easy to remove. Metal parts like locks, zippers, logos, etc., if there are slight rust marks, they can be wiped with a silver cloth.

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