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[What is the maintenance taboo for extending the life of luggage hardware accessories?]
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Correct maintenance can extend the service life of luggage hardware accessories , so that they remain bright as new. Luggage hardware accessories  maintenance taboo need to pay attention to what?

1. Avoid bumping: there are slight scratches on the surface of the hardware, wipe it with a soft cloth in time, otherwise it will become more and more serious.

2. Keep away from chemicals: chemicals will corrodes hardware, such as hand sanitizer, dish soap, acid and alkaline substances, etc., try to avoid direct contact.

3. Avoid contact with sweat: Because sweat contains salt, it will cause corrosion of hardware.

4. Keep dry: Use gold-plated hardware in a humid environment to pay special attention to moisture, wipe regularly to keep the surface dry.

5. Avoid exposure to harsh environments: do not put the bag in the sun or exposed to strong light, strong acid and alkali environment.

6. Use professional cleaning agents: If the surface has stains, do not use hard objects or chemicals to wipe, it is best to use professional cleaning agents to avoid scratching and surface damage.

7. Regular waxing or protective agent: Regular waxing or use of protective agent for hardware can play a certain protective role and extend the service life of hardware.

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