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[Jiangxi focuses on promoting the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries such as textiles and clothing]
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On June 1, the Regulations on the Promotion of Advanced Manufacturing in Jiangxi Province (hereinafter referred to as the Regulations) were formally implemented. This is Jiangxi's first comprehensive regulation in the field of industry and information technology, which provides an important guarantee for Jiangxi Province to cultivate new quality productivity, promote high-quality development of manufacturing industry, and build a modern industrial system that reflects Jiangxi's characteristics and advantages.

The full text of the Regulations is 26 articles, which optimize and refine the main content of programmatic documents such as the "1269" action plan that Jiangxi Province has introduced and implemented in recent years, the opinions on the in-depth implementation of the strategy of industrial strength in the new era, and relevant important policies and measures at the national level.

The Regulations clearly stipulate the various links and elements in the development process of advanced manufacturing industry, and define the key categories of the development of advanced manufacturing industry in Jiangxi Province: We will give priority to the transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing industries such as non-ferrous metals, petrochemicals, building materials, steel, food, textiles and garments, modern furniture, and ceramics; develop strategic emerging manufacturing industries such as electronic information, equipment manufacturing, new energy, aviation, and medicine; and foster future industries such as information and communications, new materials, new energy, and manufacturing, transportation, and health. At the same time, in line with the "1269" action plan, it is clear that the province's key industrial areas to promote the development of manufacturing and the key construction of advanced manufacturing clusters.

In response to the problems of Jiangxi Province's advanced manufacturing industry's development and innovation ability is not strong enough, technological transformation is not enough, and quality brand is not loud enough, the Regulations put forward several key solutions: first, highlight enterprise innovation and platform construction, and promote advanced manufacturing innovation and research and development and scientific and technological achievements transformation; The second is to encourage advanced manufacturing enterprises to carry out high-end, intelligent and green technological transformation, and make it clear that investment projects of enterprise capital expansion and technological transformation can implement the same preferential policies as newly introduced projects; The third is to guide the digital transformation and green and low-carbon development of advanced manufacturing, strengthen opening-up and cooperation, promote the integrated development of advanced manufacturing and modern service industries, and improve the quality and brand building of advanced manufacturing.

The relevant person in charge of the Jiangxi Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology said that this year is the first full year of the full implementation of the "1269" action plan in Jiangxi Province, and with the implementation of the "Regulations", it will effectively promote the province to accelerate the construction of a strong manufacturing province, and strive to build a modern industrial system reflecting the characteristics and advantages of Jiangxi.

Jiangxi Province proposed that in 2024, the province's industrial added value above designated size will increase by about 6.5%, the proportion of manufacturing added value in the province's GDP will be basically stable, the high-end intelligent green level of manufacturing industry will continue to improve, the modernization level of industrial chain will continue to enhance, and a number of key industrial chains of trillion yuan, 500 billion yuan, and 100 billion yuan will be built. Cultivate about 10 provincial advanced manufacturing clusters and strive for 1-2 national advanced manufacturing clusters.

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