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[Shoe buckle style design]
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Footwear style design is composed of shoe fabric accessories, heel and a variety of accessories, footwear accessories in footwear style design has a complementary role, footwear style in the upper shape, in addition to plain shoes, most of the styles are matched with shoe buckle, it can be said that the shoe buckle shape is a high frequency part.

A globular button, usually black and shiny, used to fasten shoes. The drawing of the shoe buckle should be delicate, pay attention to the texture of the decoration, and the in-depth portrayal of the details will make the shape of the shoes more vivid and vivid. Shoe buckle is a double practical function of fixing and decoration, but also a relatively fine part of the shoe, is the main part that needs us to deeply depict, in addition to the texture of different materials, but also according to the light to show the volume and thickness.

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