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[What is the difference between hanging plating and rolling plating?]
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What is the difference between hanging plating and rolling plating?

Hanging plating is suitable for products of general size, and is one of the more common ways in electroplating production. When electroplating, the plating part is first suspended on a claw hanger with good electrical conductivity, and then immersed in the plating solution as the cathode, the anode is placed at an appropriate distance on both sides, and the metal ions are deposited on the surface of the part after being energized. Plating features:

1. Hanging plating is suitable for electroplating of all kinds of luggage hardware accessories, usually used for high price or large plated parts, and the quality is better than roll plating.

2. When electroplating, the current density of a single piece is high and does not change with time, the tank current is low, the bath temperature rises slowly, the amount is small, and the uniformity of the plating part is good; However, the productivity is low, and the maintenance of equipment and auxiliary appliances is large.

3. Hanging plating production line is suitable for copper plating, nickel, chromium, zinc, aluminum oxidation, phosphating, plastic plating and other advanced process requirements.

4. The number of products that can be plated in each batch is relatively small, and the plating thickness is generally more than 10μm.

Second, roll plating is another common method in electroplating production. It is the part is placed in a drum full of holes, there is a wire, and rely on the weight of the plating part and the wire for non-fixed contact, the barrel slowly rolling in the bath, the current and the bath through the small holes in the barrel, in the process of rotation of the drum to achieve metal electrodeposition method. Roller plating features:

1. The tank voltage is high, the bath temperature rises fast, and the bath takes out a large amount, which is usually used for low price or small plating parts.

2. Compared with hanging plating, roll plating has the advantages of saving labor, improving productivity, less equipment maintenance costs and small footprint, and the rolling process makes the coating uniformity of the plating part good. However, the current density of a single piece of roller plating is small, the current efficiency is low, the use of roller plating is limited, and the plating parts should not be too large and too light.

3. More restrictions on rolling plating: no chrome plating, poor copper acid effect, plating parts easy to touch flowers or variants.

4. Rolling plating is a process in which the workpiece is loaded into the cylinder, the number of each cylinder is large, and the coating is thinner than 10μm.

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