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[Dog Collar&Dog Leash are a must for families with dogs]
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Dog chain, also known as dog chain, dog rope, leash, is a commonly used pet supplies, mainly used by pet dogs, when the owner wants to take their dog baby out, usually give the dog with a dog chain, at this time the Dog Collar&Dog Leash has played a great help.

What does a leash do?

1. Contain the dog

When taking the dog out, because the dog's personality is more lively, may run around, with the dog on a leash, you can prevent some accidents, for example, the dog more than the owner to go forward or in other directions, at that moment pull the rope to send a stop signal, and then immediately relax the rope, so as to control the dog.

2. Train your dog

When training or going out for a walk, the dog should be on the left side of the owner and in the same direction, but it can not ignore the existence of the owner to arbitrarily pull the rope and run straight forward, through the loose control of the dog chain, it can play the role of training the dog.

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