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[Teach you to identify high-quality luggage metal accessories]
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We usually judge good or bad by observing the appearance of metal accessories, in fact, metal accessories not only have to look good, shine, but also be durable, in order to be an excellent metal accessories.

Metal parts common problems are poor plating, mold color difference, fading, scraping, opening and closing is not flexible, uncomfortable use, dirty words rust and other problems appear, after understanding these common problems, we have to start to check whether the bag exists in these situations, the following detection standards and methods.

Inspection by eye and touch

A: Look at the appearance, a good bag surface treatment method should be very in place, the surface treatment is quite beautiful. Therefore, check whether the surface has cracks, notches, bumps and obvious scratches, if there is a bad product.

B: There are no cracks, bubbles, rotten edges and uneven thickness on the back of the face. Open your eyes to see clearly when checking.

C: The pattern should have no obvious deformation, white eyes, white circle phenomenon

D: The buttonhole should be smooth and unobtruded, the needle eye should not be pierced and broken, it should be symmetrical and without large eyes, if it is a dark eye button, the dark eye groove should be smooth and no obvious burst.

E: After electroplating or other process treatment, the color effect should be uniform.

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