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[Luggage hardware accessories process flow]
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Five steps to tell you the process of luggage hardware accessories

1, the most critical part of the production process of luggage hardware accessories is the production of molds, Zhenming luggage hardware accessories to make abrades, the production of abrades is very key, a product to the hands of the manufacturer the first condition is to know how to make molds, because do not understand the production of molds can not be sure can do this product.

2, die casting products: put the finished mold on the die casting machine die casting products. Die-casting machine tonnage, ordinary handbag hardware accessories generally used are 25 tons of die-casting machine, die-casting machine to make a good product is also very skilled, which depends on the technology of the master of the press, the pressure of the press to control the pressure, the pressure is too large products will have a lot of burr is also very expensive, the pressure is too small the surface of the product will appear the surface will not be smooth and uneven, So the press master must control the machine to play a good product! The material should be broken off after the product is typed.

3, polishing: In the production of lluggage hardware accessories, polishing is an important sign of whether the product can sell a good price, especially all kinds of metal accessories for women's products are like female jewelry, if the luggage accessories have a shiny feeling, then you need to carry out a high degree of polishing, and then electroplating, the shining effect can appear after the last step is completed. Therefore, for such products that require shiny luggage hardware accessories, polishing is an extremely important step.

4, the use of luggage products are very careful friends will find that luggage products will have feet, this is to fix the bag to make it more durable or shape more consumers like, the two machines will be used here are stamping machine and tapping machine, and stamping machine belongs to die casting equipment, now the production process is improved, gradually replaced by a drill.

5, electroplating, bag hardware accessories electroplating is also more pay attention to the experience of the electroplating master, electroplating time is too long and decisive will have a serious impact on the bag hardware, affecting the beauty, etc., so the need for electroplating master in the process of electroplating cylinder operation to grasp the time, and finally the bag hardware will be sent to the customer's hands after packaging.

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