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[Cluster development demonstration to lead the textile industry overall jump]
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The reporter learned from the interview of the District Bureau of Economy and Information Technology that the provincial Department of Economy and Information Technology and the provincial Department of Finance recently published the list of special financial incentives for the core area of "Zhejiang Made" provincial characteristic industrial cluster. Among them, Keqiao modern textile and clothing industry cluster was selected and obtained the provincial financial special incentive of 10.48 million yuan, which fully affirmed the development achievements of Keqiao modern textile and clothing industry cluster.

The textile industry is the leading industry, the advantageous industry and the rich industry of Keqiao. As the most representative textile cluster base in China, Keqiao has established a relatively complete industrial chain and market production and marketing system, including PTA, polyester and chemical fiber raw materials in the upstream, weaving (including industrial fabrics) and dyeing and finishing in the middle, and clothing, home textiles and light textiles markets in the downstream. Specifically, Keqiao has the largest textile distribution center with the largest number of products in China. It is also the largest professional textile market in Asia -- China Textile City. Last year, the online and offline transaction volume of the Textile City exceeded 330 billion yuan. At the same time, as the national green printing and dyeing production research and development base and Zhejiang advanced printing and dyeing manufacturing innovation center, the printing and dyeing capacity of Keqiao accounts for about 40% of the country and 60% of the province, and the industrial regional competitiveness advantage is obvious.

Especially in recent years, Keqiao District, with the direction of "green high-end and world leading", has fully implemented the printing and dyeing cluster upgrading project, and accelerated the improvement of the quality and efficiency of the textile industry with the traction of digital reform. At present, the science and technology innovation platform jointly built by government school and government enterprise, represented by Zhejiang Modern Textile Innovation Technology Center, has been completed and put into operation, and has settled in nine innovation institutions, such as East Textile Innovation Research Institute, West Textile Innovation Research Institute and Jiangnan University Industrial Technology Center. It has gathered a number of online and offline supporting organizations, such as technology research and development, inspection and testing, fashion design, brand publicity, information release, marketing, warehousing and logistics, industrial brain, etc. It has been recognized as the first batch of textile and clothing creative design demonstration park (platform) by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. Data show that in 2022, the design service revenue of Keqiao textile industry creative design base enterprises was 379 million yuan, an increase of 8.1% year on year, and the income of service objects was 44.923 billion yuan, an increase of 8.2% year on year, which promoted Keqiao to accelerate its progress from the world fabric distribution center to the global fashion innovation source.

On this basis, Keqiao District will further optimize and integrate the resources of school-local cooperation platform according to the development goals and requirements of provincial characteristic industrial clusters this year, relying on Zhejiang Modern Textile Industry Technology Innovation Center, and strengthen the research and development and industrialization of functional fibers, high-end fabrics, high value-added textiles, fashion clothing and home textiles and other fields based on the industrial reality of Keqiao. High quality to promote the industrialization of new textile technology. And will focus on the construction of a number of printing and dyeing industry engineers collaborative innovation center as the representative, based on the meta code digital technology, Lindi digital technology, set up technology and other industry segments of the leading enterprises for the digital service platform, Build a batch of textile supply chain online service platforms represented by printing and dyeing industry cluster upgrade service center, textile printing and dyeing industry brain, and Tubu global textile supply chain platform, constantly improve the level of textile digital design, strengthen industrial collaboration and flexible fast feedback, and provide a solid foundation for promoting Keqiao District to realize the leap-forward development from a large textile area to a strong textile area.

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