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[Where is the beautiful soul of luggage hardware accessories?]
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Luggage hardware accessories play the role of finishing touch is the soul of the bag beauty, the beauty of a bag, the value largely depends on the quality of the hardware.

Luggage hardware accessories according to the specific product categories are: D buckle, dog buckle, lock buckle, horseshoe buckle, hand link buckle, belt ring, Hushang head, hanging buckle, arch bridge, bell, mushroom nail, bump nail, foot nail, hollow nail, pull head, corns, pin, belt buckle, chain, coil, magnetic button, tail clip and all kinds of trademark and decorative hardware and so on. A variety of hardware accessories according to the function or shape of specific have different division, and a variety of hardware accessories also have a variety of materials and have multiple specifications and colors.

The common colors of luggage hardware accessories are: Aleigh nickel (commonly known as silver), gold, light gold Lt gold, gun color gun metal, green copper anti-brass etc., green brush anti-brass, chrome chrome, etc.

Hardware technology

First of all, the mold is made, and then the die casting machine is used to die cast the product. The blank of the die casting product is polished and polished, and then the color of the product is electroplated. The color of most hardware accessories depends on electroplating. Electroplating also has many points to pay attention to. Different electroplating colors have different requirements for the process. Electroplating is roughly divided into rolling plating, hanging plating, continuous plating, hydropower or vacuum plating, plating is real gold or imitation gold, non-toxic environmental protection or ordinary electroplating on the color can be, the export should pay attention to whether it meets the requirements of environmental protection and non-toxic.

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