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[What factors influence metal buttons?]
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What factors influence metal buttons? I do not know if you have found the reason, the following Xiaobian for you to sort it out.

There are three main causes of rust in metal buttons:

First, high humidity in the atmosphere. When the atmosphere reaches a certain humidity, water and oxygen combine, so that the metal surface oxidation, a series of chemical reactions, resulting in the metal fastener surface.

Two, the air contains corrosive gases. When the air contains a large number of corrosive gases, the impact on the surface of the metal fasteners is extremely great, which is the greatest impact of sulfur dioxide, the main source of sulfur dioxide is the combustion of coal.

Three, dust in the air, such as smoke, coal ash, chloride and other acid, alkali, salt particles are also highly corrosive. If exposed to air and combined with water, will become the strongest corrosion factor of metal products.

How can we prevent metal buttons from rusting?

The first thing we need to do is identify the factors that might cause rust so that we can prevent rust fundamentally. Because rust is caused by humidity, high temperature, oxygen, sulfur dioxide, chloride, dust and other factors, so rust prevention is to try to avoid contact with these factors. At present, the corresponding anti-rust work has been done in advance in the production of buttons. For example, some elements are added in metal smelting to improve the ability of metal to resist the erosion of external media; Corrosion resistant surface treatment of metal products to form surface conversion layer or added surface coating; Cathodic protection, that is, the use of rust inhibitors, gas phase corrosion inhibitors, peeling plastics, seals and other methods to temporarily isolate the metal surface from the external environment, in the use of metal products can also be smoothly removed these rust resistant materials, this method can be used for up to several years.

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