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[Why was the button on the left?]
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Buttons are everywhere, buttons as a modern product applied to clothing, originated in Europe in the 18th century. As you can imagine, being able to apply such a high-end product to clothing at that time was no less than a modern girl wearing a carat diamond on one of her fingers. Therefore, the Dongguan button factory found that every lady wearing button clothing must be either rich or expensive. There are butler, French teacher, horse boy, cooking maid, and of course there must also be combing maid and dressing maid. In ancient times, those wearing clothes with buttons represented wealth and prosperity.

Therefore, noblewomen in the 18th century did not need to dress themselves. When a maid dressed her mistress, it was a huge amount of work to button dozens or even hundreds of buttons inside and outside three layers. Moreover, the action of "button" was a servant action, and the mistress's green and white hands could not do such a rough job. So it's a technical detail, even an economic one, that buttons are sewn on the handmaid-friendly side. Most human habits make it easier to sew buttons on the right. For a maid to button a button face to face with the button on the left is a good fit for physiology and economics.

In fact, many male friends do not have enough money for the woman he loves butler and dressing maid, but willing to stand in front of her, personally button her. So, the button on the left, can be said to be the symbol of the ancient aristocracy, or can also be said to be one of the ways of male love for female expression.

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