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[How much do you know about daily hardware accessories in your life?]
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Traditional hardware products, also known as "hardware", refers to gold, silver, copper, iron, tin five metals, by manual processing can be made into knives, swords and other artworks or metal devices. Modern society's hardware is more extensive, such as hardware tools, hardware parts, daily hardware, building hardware and security supplies.

How much do you know about daily hardware accessories in your life?

1. Luggage hardware accessories

Rivets, aluminum bar, chain, steel ring, buttons, square ring, four buckle, mushroom nail, hollow nail, steel wire ring, backpack rack, triangle ring, Pentagon ring, three rivets, luggage handle, dog buckle, pull card, sign, etc.

2. Clothing hardware accessories

Button, thread buckle, hook buckle, claw nail, rope buckle, needle buckle, military buckle, zipper head, five claw button, fashion button, rope ring, sun buckle, drop glue buckle, stone buckle, pull head, belt buckle, hollow nail, alloy buckle, alloy pull card, sign, etc.

3. Belt hardware accessories

Belt buckle, belt needle buckle, alloy belt buckle, belt to belt buckle, etc.

4, hardware accessories

Trinkets, mobile phone ornaments, cartoon characters, wearing ornaments, twelve constellations, twelve Chinese zodiac animals, pendants, letter particles, letters, KT cat, Disney, mascots, other ornaments, etc.

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