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[How do the buckle install or remove itself]
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The button is to press the button, down jacket, bag, jeans is a more common kind of button, then how to install and remove the button, want to know friends to have a look.

First, how to install the button itself

Tools: Hammer, button, 3.5MM punch hole

1. According to the size of the button, cut two holes in the place where the button needs to be nailed and pressed, and put one button in it.

2. Put the gasket on it and press it firmly with a hard object.

3, on the contrary to the buckle, concave in the door flap, convex in the flap. When thin cloth is encountered, non-woven lining should be affixed to the position where the seam is opened to strengthen the fastness. 4. When sewing, avoid the place with open line and seam head drop.

Button installation method:

1. First observe the components of the hidden button. The quad clasp has four small parts, which can be divided into two groups of bump and bump.

2. Install the buckle surface first and punch holes on the leather surface with a 3.5MM punch.

3. Put the buckle surface on the base and cover the leather on the buckle surface.

4. Install another matching part, and install it with the protruding tool in the installation tool set. Pay attention to the flat position and do not press the fine spring line in the button, otherwise the whole part will be scrapped.

5. Align the mold with the button, install it, and beat it with a hammer. Pay attention to the strength and it is best to be in place at one time.

6. Punch holes in the other leather block to prepare to install the buttons on the other surface.

7. Put the button on the base, put the leather on the button, and put the last raised button on it.

8. Install the concave mold, align the mold with the nail, and beat it vigorously with a hammer. It is best to be in place once.

Two, how to remove the button, tools: buckle, diagonal pliers Steps:

1. We should know that tools are very important. If we have only ordinary pliers and no good skills, we can use the pliers to clamp the buttons.

2. When we plan to break the button with pliers, we must pay attention not to pull it too hard, otherwise it is easy to pull the clothes.

3, but if we use diagonal pliers, it is more convenient, as long as the flat mouth is attached to the fabric of the clothes, and then use the concave mouth to clip off the button.

4. In fact, diagonal pliers are more efficient than ordinary pliers. If they are used by girls, they will be more relaxed.

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