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[What do you know about buttons?]
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Buttons can not only connect clothes, keep them tightly insulated, but also make a person's appearance neat. Chic buttons, will also play an embellishment role on the clothes. Therefore, it is an indispensable part of the clothing structure. That is, in addition to practical functions, but also to the costume design to play a finishing touch.

The shape design of metal buttons is different from that of pure artistic design such as sculpture, sculpture and painting. It includes shape, pattern, color, material, practicality, durability, productivity and technology of mass industrial production.

Button materials are roughly divided into plastic (resin, plastic), metal button (copper, iron, alloy), natural (shell, wood, coconut shell, bamboo. All kinds of materials to make buttons, the process is not the same. Some buttons look the same, even industry people with eyes may not be able to distinguish clearly, so damage, scrape the coat to distinguish.

1. Geometric modeling and three-dimensional modeling of the shape

2. Local modeling. Due to producibility, technology, safety and other factors, the most common metal button shape is round, hexagonal, non-equilateral, equilateral, etc., the most common three-dimensional shape is spherical, hemispherical, floating shape and other three-dimensional shape. Local modeling is most common on the basis of the shape of individual and all the local details of modeling, such as adding Arabic numerals, English letters, plane composition patterns, animals, people, flowers, registered trademarks and patterns.

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