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[What do you think about metal buttons oxidizing?]
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I believe you have sometimes noticed that some of your clothes have metal buttons, with the longer the time will rust oxidation. Why metal buttons oxidize and rust.

Common causes of metal button surface corrosion (rust) :

There are other metal elements (such as iron materials) on the surface of the stainless steel dust or particles attached, in the humid air, the attachment and stainless steel condensate between the two will be connected into a micro battery, causing electrochemical corrosion;

Stainless steel surface adhesion containing acid, alkali, salt substances (such as the decoration of the wall of alkaline water, lime water, other decoration materials, organic juice or the use of harmful medium film and material wrap), the formation of a long time of metal surface corrosion;

In the polluted air (such as the atmosphere containing a large number of sulfide, carbon oxide, nitrogen oxide, salt substances), the condensation of water, the formation of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, acetic acid liquid point, causing chemical corrosion.

Common causes of local corrosion of metal buttons:

Stress corrosion: The appearance of metal cracking under the combined effect of corrosive media and tensile stress (external or internal stress). It usually occurs at the site of stress;

Intergranular corrosion: refers to the corrosion along the grain boundary, so that the cohesion of the grain is damaged. They are usually found in places where they have been beaten or bent;

Spot corrosion: surface passivation film caused by local damage. It is often used in the attachment or injury position of easy rusting substances such as cutting slag and splashing during processing.

How to deal with metal button oxidation.

1. Remove the button and soak it in salt water for a period of time to partially reduce the degree of oxidation. After soaking, you can choose nail polish with a similar color to the button to apply, which has a partial protection effect.

2. Configure 15% acetic acid solution, wipe the oxidation with it, and wipe away with clean water the next day.

3, take fresh lemon, juice, smear evenly, after a period of time with soapy water wipe. Or soak in boiling water and then apply milk, and then wipe off.

4. Contact the seller or manufacturer and purchase the metal buttons of the corresponding clothing directly. Or look for the spare buttons that came with the purchase and replace them.

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