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[How does Mei rainy season prevent metal buttons from rusting]
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When it comes to metal buttons, what people are worried about is the problem of oxidation and rust, because metal buttons are very easy to be oxidized in a relatively high humidity environment due to their metal properties. So in the storage of alloy button embryo, we must pay attention to the choice of dry, ventilated place. At the same time to check regularly whether there is water leakage. What is the way to prevent metal buttons from rusting in the rainy season?

There should be a hygrometer in the warehouse, observe whether the humidity in the warehouse exceeds the standard at any time, and handle according to the situation. The buttons that have been electroplated are more resistant to corrosion and have a slightly lower requirement on ambient humidity because of the electroplating on the surface. But also pay attention to the electroplating may change color because of excessive environmental humidity, so try to stick a good protective film and packaging, so that the protection of the button is not damaged by moisture.

However, the most important thing is to guard against sudden rainstorms, resulting in much more precipitation than the drainage pipe discharge. Therefore, when choosing a warehouse, it is necessary to choose a higher place, and the goods can not be directly placed on the ground, there must be shelves. The warehouse can be said to be one of the most important departments of the metal button factory. In the rainy season, waterproof measures must be in place to ensure the safety of metal buttons to customers.

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