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[You know what? Buttons have all these tricks]
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Buttons have all these wonderful things and you can use them like this. Buttons can not only connect clothes, keep them tightly insulated, but also make a person's appearance neat. Chic buttons, will also play an embellishment role on the clothes. Let's take a look at it.

1. Button bouquet

With the buttons made of this bouquet is simply beautiful, the first sight was amazed by its appearance, and compared with the general bouquet, its biggest feature is that it will not fall, placed at home in a vase can be made into a very good decoration, even if the wedding is holding such a special bouquet is also want to attract attention, But be careful when you throw this bouquet, it's easy to get hurt, so it's best to find a flower instead.

2. Button coasters

This coaster is also very special, basically you don't see it anywhere else. The coasters you make by yourself are unique in the world. You can choose the color of buttons, the arrangement of buttons and the shape of buttons at will, and the coasters are also very convenient. You only need to use hot glue to stick the buttons together.

3, button hanging picture

With buttons made of figures, looking at whether there is a kind of advanced feeling, the living room in the home with such a special hanging picture, will highlight the whole space is very special.

4. Button lamp

If you feel that the ordinary lamp at home is too ordinary, you can use buttons to decorate them a little, and use hot glue to stick all kinds of buttons on the lamp. You can completely match the buttons you use at will, and it is easy to get the effect.

5. Button bracelets

Wearing such a string of bracelets must be able to attract others' attention, because its style is very special. The bracelet made of metal buttons looks very designed, but also full of metal luster and looks very textured.

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