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[What are the categories of luggage fasteners]
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Buckle in the case customization is one of the commonly used accessories, backpack buckle according to its shape, function is different, there are different names, backpack custom used more buckle, ladder buckle, Japanese buckle, hook buckle, rope buckle and so on, small make up for you today to sort out the type of bag buckle.

What are the categories of luggage buckles?

1, insert button

The buckle is generally composed of two parts, one is inserted, also called the male buckle, the other is called the buckle, also called the female buckle, one end of the buckle is fixed with webbing, the other end can be adjusted by webbing, according to different needs and choose the length of the webbing, in order to adjust the range of activities of the buckle. The place where the webbing is hung behind the buckle is generally made of single or double block, single block is not adjustable, double block is adjustable. Buckle on the backpack is generally used to fix the shoulder belt, backpack or other external items, buckle more appear in the backpack's shoulder belt, belt, side circumference position.

2, ladder buckle

Its material is generally PP, POM, NY, the role of the ladder buckle is contraction ribbon, generally used in the tail of the shoulder belt, adjust the closeness of the backpack.

3, the Japanese buckle

Japanese buckle is also known as the three block buckle, is a backpack commonly used on a kind of accessories, is also one of the standard accessories on the backpack, the general package will have one or two of the buckle, mainly used to adjust the length of the ribbon. In order to prevent slip, the middle bar of many Japanese buckle is designed with stripes, and some have the two bars on the side enlarged to place their own logo. Japanese buckle hardware Japanese buckle also has plastic Japanese buckle, metal Japanese buckle is generally zinc alloy Japanese buckle, plastic Japanese buckle its materials are generally POM, PP, NY

4, hook

Hook materials generally come from PP, NY, POM. The hook is generally used in the backpack removable shoulder belt, hook side connected with D ring, the other side with ribbon connection, now the hook deducted plastic material, there are a lot of metal material hook, so that the strength and durability of the hook is greatly increased.

5, rope buckle

Rope buckle materials are generally PP, NY, POM. With the elasticity of spring coil, the rope can be stuck in dislocation. The rope mouth can choose diameter, single hole and double hole. It is suitable for all kinds of OO rope, nylon rope and elastic rope. And can design LOGO according to customer requirements, the current design of rope buckle has been very different from before, there are many kinds of choices.

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