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[Daily maintenance of bag lock]
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Since bags are often carried around by us, this will accelerate the wear of electroplating, resulting in color fading and oxidation rust problems. So, after using the bag for a period of time, if you find that the metal buckle is worn, scratched and so on, you don't have to be nervous, these situations are very normal.

Then how do we maintain the bag lock in daily life

1. Prevent wear and tear. Dust particles in the air are very hard, and contact with the lock, coupled with the action of external forces, will lead to wear and oxidation of the lock. Therefore, lock maintenance must do a good job of daily bag cleaning, every day or every week to the bag to clean the whole package, not only can keep the bag bright and clean as new, but also can extend the service life of the bag. Micro oxidation, can try to flour or toothpaste gently wipe hardware can be < pay attention to avoid rubbing the cortex >.

2, lock cleaning. When dirty, should be cleaned in time. The cleaning method is: add a moderate amount of neutral detergent in clear water, use a toothbrush or cloth to dip in the solution carefully, and the cleaning time must be shortened as far as possible. After washing, it is placed in a cool and dry place to dry.

3. Keep dry because of the instability of the metal used by the lock, which leads to its easy oxidation and rust in a humid environment, so the most basic requirement of lock maintenance is to keep dry.

4. Often clean and maintain the high temperature and humidity in summer. When using the bag, the lock of the bag will be stained with sweat and grease on the hand. If not cleaned up in time, the sweat and grease will accumulate in the corner, slowly eroding the lock, leading to oxidation and rust.

5, oxidation treatment when the lock oxidation, so as not to cover the body with oxide when oxidation or rust, must be handled in time, if it is gold can be wiped with silver cloth, if it is other colors, you can use the most fine sandpaper gently polish off the oxide layer, and then clean up the grinding place.

6. Pay attention to the protection of the cortex when nursing locking, such as cleaning and polishing, to cover the surrounding bag with several layers of paper or pad dry towels, so as not to affect the surrounding cortex when cleaning and polishing.

7. When saving, it should be locked and wrapped with paper. When the bag is not used for a long time, it should first do a comprehensive maintenance of the bag, and then properly stored. In order to avoid oxidation or rust, use paper to wrap the buckle part of the bag, and then store in a cool, dry place.

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