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[Design of elements of handbag locks]
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Bags are very important items for female friends. Whether it is a girl who is in the age of cardamom or a mature woman who has entered the age of confusion, bags are indispensable decorations. The lock of the bag is important for some classics. How much do you know about lock design?

1. Unique love lock

As women's innate talent and pursuit, beauty is most vividly reflected in their choice of bags. After getting used to the rigid style and design of traditional bags, it is inevitable that they will have a higher judgment of beauty in their hearts. Require. And girlishness is our constant bottom line.

After trying the classic lock design of Tianyuan place, in fact, the unique love lock that is full of strong girls is also a good choice. The round and full love is paired with shiny metal, as if carrying it on its back can maintain the agility of eighteen years old. I think this is the magic of the bag.

2. Sky round place lock

Classic elements often have the power of moving fashion. Although there are many fashionable styles of women's bags, not all of them can perfectly fit the personalities of the fairies. The round and round locks that exude a strong sense of life are also a good choice.

The unique Tianyuan place lock is deducted from the metal texture that follows the traditional lock, and also adds the traditional Chinese cultural concept of the Tianyuan place, so that the small lock can also be full of artistic sense. With a smooth cut shape, it is simply a must-have fashion tool for going out on the street.

3. Ring lock

In fact, sometimes the magic of the bag is not in the prosperity and complexity of the design, but in the inspiration and ideas it injects. Just as we sometimes are not pursuing the ultimate purpose of life, but the mixed feelings in the process of enjoying life, the choice of bags is also the same.

In the design of the lock, we can also choose a more versatile round lock. The smooth circular line seems to express the inclusive character that can accommodate all things like water. Find your soul in the freedom of the circle.

The lock bag with outstanding texture is obviously one of the most outstanding tastes. The smooth and wide leather is perfectly combined with the lock that shows the courage and independent spirit of women, which seems to be full of indescribable artistic sense. Fashion and practicality are equally outstanding personalized lock bags, allowing you to find your own style in the exploration of square inches.

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