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[What is the lock of the lever box?]
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Ordinary password hanging lock

 Ordinary password hanging locks can be divided into multiplayer and turntables. Generally, the turntable password lock is used on the trolley case. This password lock has a full mechanical structure and is easy to use. Fixed a password and abandon the tedious tool of the key. If you are not afraid that you ca n’t open the box without the key.

       The password lock of the lever box comes

 The cipher lock of the lever box is more convenient in the process of using it. It has the same design principle as the ordinary password lock, which uses a turntable password lock, which is simple to operate. The password lock configured on the trolley case is very exquisite in appearance, and the lock is not easy to lose.

       Tip box TSA password lock

 When the TSA password lock is a security monitoring of the customs luggage and cargo supervision of customs clearance, in order to ensure that the trolley case is not forced to be checked by the barrier, the international universal Universal TSA lock is used. In normal use, it is the same function and operation as ordinary password locks.

 The red diamond diamond -shaped is a unique sign of the TSA lock. The average tie box has its own TSA lock. If you want to get out of the level, and the lock is a normal password lock, you can use the buckle TSA password lock when you leave the level. Easy to pass.

       Each tiebox lock has its own characteristics and advantages. Their functionality and practicality of their different prices also have a relative production in terms of price. The mid -to -high -end trolley case will use its own password lock. Customs lock.

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