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[How many plating methods are there in luggage hardware accessories?]
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How many plating methods are there in luggage hardware accessories?

The first is plating. After the product is treated and polished by chemical physical treatment and polishing, the electroplating plant is cleaned with potassium permanganate, and the product is plated one by one. Therefore, the surface of the product is smooth and bright.

The second method is called rolling plating. The rolling -plated product blank passes through the shocking machine to shock the surface of the product and the edge of the edge is directly plated. The electroplating program is completely different from the hanging method. Roll up the electricity, the quality of the electricity must be done well, so that the copper sulfate base is thicker, so that the surface brightness of the handbag bag hardware accessories can be reached and then the next step color. However, the surface effect is still not done to achieve the effect of hanging plating. This is the product grade effect caused by the different ways of polishing and electroplating process.

Note: In addition to the important parts of electroplating, the luggage hardware accessories must also be used for a long time without coloring. This is the oil sealing oil.

There are two ways to seal oil:

One is to touch the surface by touching the surface with a handprint because of the sweat on the hand. Leaving a handprint is definitely not sealed.

The other is that we look at the thickness of the surface of the luggage hardware accessories. The surface of the product that has been sealed will be a bit thicker. One more layer of protective film is on the surface, the product will not be scratched, and the product without the oil will be exposed gently when it will be exposed. Plating. If you want to high -quality accessories, the luggage hardware accessories must be anti -rust and acid.

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