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[The relationship between the buckle and the buckle]
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In the fields of home life and industry, hasps and locks are used very frequently. In some areas, hasps and locks can be used universally, while in some areas they cannot be used, and they play their respective roles.

There is a buckle word between the buckle and the lock. The so-called buckle means that two objects can be fixed in a locked position and can be separated after unlocking. The main parts of the hasp lock produced are equipped with a bottom plate and a hook piece.

Both nouns are composed of "button", add a word to each to better understand the product type. "Lap", "Lap" the wire loop to the small hook piece, press down the lever, and generate tension to fasten the two objects; lock, lock the two, which two are locked? The premise of the action of "buckling" must have two objects, that is, to buckle the two objects together to generate tension and lock, so it is also called a lock. Both definitions describe similar actions, so it doesn't actually see a difference between products. Both names refer to the same product.

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