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[Luggage hardware accessories have what mystery!]
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Good luggage should be paired with high -quality luggage hardware accessories. Don't look down on these small hardware accessories, their effects are not small. Small hardware accessories add taste to the luggage, play a finishing touch, and even directly determine the service life of a luggage.

Let Xiaobian briefly talk about what is the mystery of this bag of luggage hardware accessorie!

Although the luggage hardware accessories cannot directly reflect the quality of the luggage, it will also indirectly present the grade of the luggage. The cost of good hardware accessories is high. In terms of the development of the mill, electroplating, or rust -proof treatment, the secondary hardware accessories are blindly pursuing low prices and ignore the quality. And the gloss is not enough. During the luggage customization process, the choice of hardware accessories should be careful and not careless.

The luggage hardware accessories are divided by material, which can be divided into iron, copper, aluminum, zinc alloy, etc. The weight of copper hardware accessories is heavier than other materials, the quality is better, and the price is relatively higher than other materials. When choosing a luggage hardware accessory, you should pay particular attention to the manufacturer's raw materials, pay attention to the quality and reliability of the manufacturer, and strictly control the quality of the quality and grasp all the possibilities of quality.

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